The One-Way Rain

front cover

The One-Way Rain is the debut novel by Cathy Jacobowitz from Wildheart Press. This literary dystopia, set in an America brutally partitioned by race and class, pits two women—a Black freedom fighter and a White saboteur—against corporate rule and each other as they struggle to live meaningfully in a world where everything is for sale.

In the direct bloodline of Orwell’s novels 1984 and Animal Farm, The One-Way Rain is both timely and relevant. Early readers have found it “engrossing,” “vivid and imaginative,” “fully-formed and compelling . . . unnerving,” and “a poignant commentary on what’s going on in our world right now.”

ISBN 978-9966309706
Paper, $14.95
To purchase, visit Also available in the Boston area at Harvard Book Store and the Lucy Parsons Center.

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