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Juba by Letta Neely was a 1998 finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Poetry.

“The extraordinary language and love, the chorus of freedom and justice that defines this book locates letta neely firmly in the great and proud tradition of Black writers from Dunbar to Hughes to Hurston to Baldwin to Lorde. Reading Juba allowed me to find pieces of myself in the words, between the words, and because of the words.” — asha bandele, author of absence in the palm of my hands

Amazon reviews:

“Letta’s poetry is phenomenal. She was the first poet I ever heard read her own poetry when I was young and over 12 years later she remains the best. The work is haunting and rich. Her poetry is the type to tell you stories in beautiful language. She’s a black lesbian who has been deeply impacted by the violence and injustice in both of those communities and this permeates her work. And it’s not all tragic–some is sexy, fun…”

“Neely is a powerful poet with a ringing and compelling voice. She writes a world I know, for all that her experiences of it differ from mine. She reminds me of Gloria Anzaldua in places — I have a particular affection for chroniclers of the liminal. Her work is modern, urban, and has aged well… or history hasn’t moved past the things she talks about. (It was depressing when she calls out Guantanamo to realize that this book was published in 1998.) I read history for facts; I read poetry for truth. Neely does a wonderful job of evoking clear pictures of the world she sees.”

ISBN 978-0966309720
Paper, $12.00
To purchase, send a check for $16.00 (includes S/H) to Wildheart Press, P.O. Box 230658, Boston MA 02123. Please make your check out to Letta Neely.

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